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Membership gives family affiliation to EChurch and is a step of commitment to the local church community. Anyone who has been converted and has confessed and received Jesus Christ as Lord by faith in the Gospel is welcome to become a member.
Members are expected to want to live a life of discipleship to Jesus Christ and to be committed, in harmony with the leadership of the church, to the extension of the Kingdom of God through EChurch.
Members are encouraged to join a Connect group, the “small church within the big”. A place of community, care, growth and an important part of parish life.

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In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR), I hereby give EChurch my consent to collect and use my personal data by checking the box and submitting this form. This data will be used for the purpose of processing my membership application, administering my membership and serving and meeting my needs. In addition, the data may be used to contact me regarding membership and other EChurch related events and activities via phone calls, text messages, mail and email.

Through my participation and involvement in all church-related activities, my photos, audio and video recordings can be used by EChurch for internal and external purposes. This can be done through media, including, but not limited to, printed materials, electronic publications, websites and social media platforms. I am aware that I can update my personal data and/or withdraw the consent given by me at any time by contacting